Thursday, January 05, 2006

vegas baby pt 3

Friday hands are pretty boring overall. Okay that's not entirely true. The problem is that I can't remember hands because I didn't have nearly enough sleep. I will highlight a few things, such as Crazy Pineapple.

On Saturday morning at the MGM, I was subjected to a game called Crazy Pineapple, the details of which can be found here. I spot-picked a 2-4 table where everyone was chatting and 3 players were involved in every hand. One player was check raising with garbage and another player was calling and raising with hands just as bad. Every other hand involved a live straddle. I figured I would just sit down and scoop pots when I had cards -- this worked for a little bit. I made about $30 with AK and AA.

Somebody out of nowhere suggested that we play Crazy Pineapple. I figured it's a little like Omaha, and everyone else wanted to play SO BAD so we decided to play that instead. I scoop an absolutely enormous pot with AQJ or something on TOP PAIR and foolishly believe that top pair is good from here on out.

Another guy sits down and begins to play. He quadruples his buyin when he absolutely cannot lose. One such example is when I have QdJdx, and I flop a flush; except he has AAx with the ace of diamonds and we cap every street. Turn is another A (crap) and he hits the nut flush on the river and I fold to his single bet (normally incorrect, but I know exactly how he bets). Another example is when I have AKx to his ATx and he rivers a ten on another huge pot. He also flops a few two pairs and insane hands and nobody can stop him. He sucks the life out of the table. :(

I drop to about $30 by the time he leaves and sit down at a 1-2 NL table. I manage to get back to $108 thanks to some good hands and an idiot to my left.

QQ to me in MP. Two limpers. I raise to 10 (get out of my pot) and get called in one place to my left. Everyone else folds. The flop is QJ9. I think for a moment. The idiot to my left had earlier called an enormous bet with middle pair. I figure if he's got any piece of this flop, he'll call. Plus I have a tiny stack left, and I'm scared of the straight possibilities. I go all-in with about $35 and he calls, showing KJo. I get some ooohs and aaahs and my set holds up to win the pot.

I win another pot and take off with my moneys.

Poker is retarded :( Roulette is even more retarded. I made more money at roulette than at poker. I don't know if I was made for this game.

Vegas was fun regardless. Highly recommended. Just keep your stamina up with bagels and Red Bulls and you should do fine.

Peace fools!


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At 3:28 AM, Anonymous Nami Dalufin said...

Haha! at least you won in roulette perhaps poker is not your game man, for sure you can make it if you just try to play more why not try to play blackjack tables or something then update us what happen this time. cheers!


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