Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Origin of McPeePee

So you might have been wondering, how did the whole McPeePee thing start? What you should have been doing is finding something constructive to keep you from wasting your time thinking about ridiculously frivolous questions! In any event, I'll indulge those of you who are so inclined.

How does a thing like this ever start? By drinking and talking with immature college boys of course. After a few beers, almost anything becomes funny - almost. While working a buzz I decided to open up a Party Poker account about a year and a half ago to get in on the growing poker craze (who would've figured it would get this big?). Wanting to sound as juvenile as possible, I figured a diminutive reference to genitalia would do the trick. PeePee seemed entirely too ridiculous (and I think it was rejected by the server), so I decided to give myself a Scottish twist.

Since then the name has become my staple on other poker sites liek Pokerstars and Paradise, and is now one of my major e-mail adresses. Still, I can't count the number of times someone has made an incredulous remark at my name. This leads itself to todays tip:

When playing online, pick a name that you want to project the image you want. If you are a tight solid player, perhaps you want to project the image of a loose cannon like Maverick45 or the image of a 15 year old prepubscent lad in McPeePee. Online, your name and avatar may be the only impression that your opponents go on. Use it to your advantage.

P.S. Drinking is bad, mmkay...


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