Monday, December 26, 2005

vegas baby part 2

We wake up and head to the Paris for lunch, then the Wynn to check it out. The poker room here is pretty nice. HOWEVER it is pretty expensive. The lowest they spread was 4-8 and it looked pretty cramped as well. We didn't have time to stay since I had to, uh, do stuff. Like watch the Vegas Bowl game. Cal beats BYU 35-28, not enough to cover the spread but enough to laugh at Mormons. By this time it is 10pm.

I wind up at the MGM again for some reason and sit down with $100 at a 3-6 table, getting bad cards for a while and involving myself in too many pots in bad position (-EV). My good hands don't do so hot. Somehow I find myself down to $20 and essentially go all in with 97s, and a straight draw lets me triple up when it hits the river. AQo also takes down a pot when I flop trip queens and I leave when I'm positive (+$8).

Where do we go? Back to the Excalibur for the fishy tables. I sit down at a 1-3 NL table fully expecting to just drink and have a good time. I don't remember too much about this table, but I did make another cool $60 with good cards. We had one guy clearly playing too many hands (calling with KTo against a 5x raise). My only disappointing hand is as follows:

66 in MP. One limper to me. I limp of course, as do two others for five to the flop. We get a flop of 5-6-7 two spades, which is good but not great for me. I bet about half the pot and get called in two places. The turn is a 7. I hesitate and decide to bet anyway, knowing that anyone with an 8 and a crappy grasp of pot odds will probably call. Of course it would have been better to check and let someone try to hit the straight or flush. At the time, my concern was losing the pot (it was already pretty big) to someone with a 7, should they hit their full house. Of course, anybody with a 7 would have called my small bet and maybe even raised there. I should have checked the turn and committed myself to all my chips on the river regardless of what fell and who bet. Curses! I still take down a good sized pot when the other two people in the pot fold.

It's 3am and we decide to sleep.

Friday/Saturday: [Caesar's, Excalibur, MGM]


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