Sunday, December 11, 2005

This probably wasn't post-worthy but I had to note that I played 600 hands last night. Here are some hands that I received.

AA, 9 times
KK, 5 times
QQ, 8 times
JJ, 3 times
TT, 4 times
AK, 7 times

Between the 3/6 and 5/10 tables, I only netted about $375 (approximately 6bb/100). Shouldn't I be completely destroying the game getting AA, KK, and QQ 22 times in 600 hands? The odds of getting any specific pocket pair are 1/221. I also had a 21% win rate at the 6man tables, although I played shorthanded quite a bit.

There are a few large pot hands that stick out in my mind. Here is one of them. No reads on villain. The preflop raiser is not particularly tricky; he raises pocket pairs and suited connectors preflop, and was caught raising QJs on the button. Doesn't raise good aces for some reason.

***** Hand History for Game 3181292413 *****
$5/$10 Texas Hold'em - Sunday, December 11, 02:36:53 EDT 2005
Table Table 66197 (6 max) (Real Money)
Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 2: TrickyTroy ( $260 )
Seat 3: TigerSave ( $510.50 )
Seat 4: HERO ( $709.93 )
Seat 6: stephen212 ( $0 )
Seat 1: VILLAIN ( $165 )
Seat 5: my1back ( $70 )
TrickyTroy posts small blind [$2].
TigerSave posts big blind [$5].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to HERO [ Ac Ah ]
HERO raises [$10].
VILLAIN calls [$10].
TrickyTroy raises [$13].
TigerSave folds.
HERO raises [$10].
VILLAIN calls [$10].
TrickyTroy calls [$5].
** Dealing Flop ** [ Jd, 5s, 9h ]
TrickyTroy bets [$5].
HERO raises [$10].
VILLAIN calls [$10].
TrickyTroy raises [$10].
HERO calls [$5].
VILLAIN calls [$5].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 9s ]
TrickyTroy bets [$10].
HERO calls [$10].
VILLAIN calls [$10].
** Dealing River ** [ Ts ]
TrickyTroy bets [$10].
HERO calls [$10].
VILLAIN raises [$20].
TrickyTroy calls [$10].
HERO calls [$10].

Crying call at the end. I'm almost certainly beat, but the pot might be too large to fold.
[Villain has Q8 for the rivered straight. Troy has KJs for top pair.]

I think raising the flop is fine. I think raising the turn is better, after I get 3bet from the sb. On the turn, the way I played, there are 11bb's in the pot after Troy bets, and if I raise here, I force villain to get 13:2 odds on his call, which makes his 10:1 gutshot call incorrect. Flaccid calling here cost me a pot. I was definitely mad at myself after this hand. If I get 3bet from either player after showing turn strength, I can probably just call to the river or fold without too much thought.


At 12:34 PM, Blogger McPeePee said...

No question here, with a hand that has little chance of improving (here you need to spike one of 2 aces), and especially in a sizeable pot (capped preflop three way), you want to cut out as many players as possible to maximize your shot of winning the hand. The best line here is probably call flop/raise turn, given your position relative to the players, the texture of the board, and opponents likely holdings (no idea the Villain could have such crap). Even after raising the flop, raising the turn is a given, as it costs you the same ammount as calling down to the end. Raising the turn gives you the ability to push out villain or charge him a high price to draw out, and lets you take a free card against tricky on the river should you decide to take it.

Remember that, in almost all situations calling is the worst of the three plays.


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