Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sit N'Gos can sometimes stink

I've monied in 8 out of my last 10 Sit N' Gos. Unfortunately that includes 6 Third Places and 2 seconds. THis would prove that ROI% (return on investment) is more important than ITM$ (in the money). But then again, a monkey could've told you that, and probably flung poo at your face as well.

In other news, I am making a concious effort to be less of an ass at the tables. THis after reading this excerpt from an interview with Daniel Negreanu.

You talk about your wild days, but you recently found Jesus?

Yeah. I've always been a logical person, I always wanted proof of everything. But I read this book called Case for Christ and that was that.

Has it improved your game?



I'm a happier person. If you look at the timeline of my results, finding my faith and my big wins coincide. There's less bitterness in my heart, there's no anger or venom or jealousy -- I can just focus on poker. You've got to realize that when you're doing poorly, it's often based on your mental state. If you're having trouble in your life it's virtually impossible to do well at poker.

So...I may not be ready to go down that path completely right now, but at least I can take some part of that and apply it to my game and to my life, and stop calling people cunts and phags.


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